The retirement plan partner for companies who demand expertise in the boardroom and impact in the breakroom.

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Plan success hinges on meeting the needs of two different parties. Plan sponsors are focused on investments, fees, and compliance. Participants simply want help getting – and staying – involved. Meeting the needs of both requires two different skill sets. Plan sponsors must demand advanced technical knowledge, investment expertise and attention to detail. Participants need an advisor who is approachable and charismatic, someone who will help them do the things they know they should be doing. At Align, our team of experts, with complementary skills and personalities, is uniquely positioned to serve BOTH you and your employees.

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturers are vital to the health of Lancaster County. But the growing gap between high-demand, high-paying manufacturing careers and the workers needed to fill them threatens companies. Align is proud to lead the effort to organize and promote MFG DAY events throughout the county.

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With over 45 years of specialized retirement plan experience, we are guided by our core values of independence, education, specialization, and community. For those we serve, this is the difference between the confidence of knowing you’ve made good choices and the uncertainty of the complex, ever-changing world of workplace retirement plans.

Aligning Investment & Intention

When you started your plan, you had an objective in mind. Perhaps you wanted to attract and retain talent or incentivize performance. Maybe you simply wanted to help employees save for the future. Without aligning investment programs with intentions, plans go off course. Time slips away. Results don't materialize.

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